leghorn (Plural: leghorns)

  1. A type of dried wheat straw, fabric made from it, or a hat made from that fabric.
  2. A member of a breed of chickens.
    The cartoon character "Foghorn Leghorn" was obviously not actually a leghorn because he was much too big.

7 letters in word "leghorn": E G H L N O R.

No anagrams for leghorn found in this word list.

Words found within leghorn:

ego eh el en eng enol enrol eon eorl er erg ergo ergon ern gel gen genro geo glen go goe goel goer gole gon gone goner gor gore gorhen gren grone he helo hen her herl hern hero heron ho hoe hoer hog hogen hole hon hone honer hong hore horn leg lehr leng leno lo log loge lone loner long longe longer lor lore lorn ne neg negro nerol no noel nog noh nole nor oe ogle ogler ogre oh ole on one oner or ore orle re reg rego reh ren rho rhone roe role rone rong